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Kopi Bush Retreat

Chatham Islands

2 Hours plane from Mainland New Zealand

Contact Information:

Phone: 0272792797
Mobile (and SMS): 0272792797
Address: 405 Waitangi Wharf Owenga Road, Chatham Islands Territory 8016, New Zealand

Contact Person: Bridget Preece

Directions: East of New Zealand and flights operate from Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. We are in the 44s. Chatham Islands are 45 minutes ahead of Mainland New Zealand.

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About Kopi Bush Retreat

Kopi Bush Retreat is a new purpose build featured on Grand designs that focuses on restoration of our bush and preserving fish stocks for the future. We live off the land, Make a living from the sea and would love to share all that is Chatham Islands.
Take a bush walk or have a bush bath in our 100 year plus native paradise. Then sit back and enjoy the vast views while enjoying our local kai.
Our home will become yours with all your daily needs catered for so don't lift a finger unless its on a fishing rod or collecting mushrooms. We will make your stay as relaxing as you would like and as local as you like.


Kopi Bush Retreat


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