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Lake Whakamarino Lodge

Lake Whakamarino LodgeDescription: We organise guided eco tours in and around Lake Waikaremoana in the Te Urewers National Park.

Lake Waikaremoana was formed 2200 years ago by a huge landslide, which blocked a narrow gorge along the Waikaretaheke River. Water backed up behind this landslide to form a lake up to 248 metres deep. In 1946 a hydroelectric development lowered the lake level by 5 metres.

The area is formed from young mudstone, siltstone and sandstone, mostly about 10 -15 million years old. These sediments were originally part of the sea floor, but about two million years ago uplift brought them above sea level.

The mountains and hills of the area have been shaped by continuous erosion. Major valleys like Aniwaniwa have been carved deeply from soft mudstones, while the more solid sandstones have tended to form ridges like Panekiri.

The vegetation of the Waikaremoana area is like a great green cloak, mantling countless ridges and valleys. There are more than 650 types of native plant present in the park, some very rare. The vegetation pattern is ever changing; volcanic activity, fire, storms, possums and deer have modified the forest in many areas. The forest is regenerating along the shore where the lake level was lowered for power generation.Many birds live in the forest. Among the more notable are kaka, kakariki, New Zealand robin, New Zealand falcon, rifleman, and at night, morepork and North Island brown kiwi. Grey, mallard and paradise ducks are common on the lake edge, and New Zealand scaup, kingfishers and white faced herons are found in sheltered areas.

Both of New Zealand's rare native bat species, the long-tailed and short-tailed, are present in the park.

Location: Lake Whakamarino Lodge is situated 6 km before LakeWaikaremoana on SH 38, west of Wairoa.
Season: October to March best but spring/autumn also

Guided eco tours in and around Lake Waikaremoana
Contact person(s): Pauline Harmer, Manager
Address: The Esplande, Tuai, off SH 38 near Lake Waikaermoana.
Postal Address: The Esplanade, Tuai, RD 5 Wairoa
Phone: +64 6 837 3876
Fax: +64 6 837 3872

Comments: For trampers and hikers, the Lodge is the perfect base from which to set out on a variety of walks and tracks including the famous Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk. This is a 46 kilometre, three to four day tramping track that follows the lakeshore for most of its length. Magnificent forested scenery and plenty of opportunity for swimming and fishing are features of this world-renowned walking track. Take a guided eco-tour and discover the most amazing native fauna and flora that you will have never seen anywhere else in the world.

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