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Action Stations

Description: 'The Action Stations Experience' incorporates several modular half day to full day programmes in the various habitats of native forest, estuary, harbour, shoreline & ocean. Follow the flow of water from the Kaimai forest to the Pacific Ocean. Experiences are customised to suit group needs. Groups as small as 3 to 5 people can be catered for.

The overall focus of these programmes is to introduce the role of people as active guardians of our natural world. To do this the experiences have the following main objectives

  • To understand natural processes.
  • To appreciate different cultural interpretations.
  • To be aware of positive & negative environmental practices
  • To be personally involved in a conservation activity.

Environmental Enhancements include direct actions such as beach, estuary etc. cleanups, tree propagation and planting through to the main 'enhancement' being the clients 'learning of conservation values'. Community Benefits include employment, use of local activity operators and venues, direct environmental enhancements, education and 'turning-on' of many local & international children and adults to conservation values & actions they can take away with them.

Location: Based in Mount Maunganui within 45 minutes or less of all the natural habitats visited.
Season: All year destination.

Contact person(s): Ken Hoare or Doug Farr.
Address: 78 Maunganui Rd. Mt. Maunganui.
Postal Address: P.O Box 5322, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand.
Phone: +64 7 574 9622
Mobile Phone: 025 963 635
Fax: +64 7 574 9620

Dolphin Seafaris

Eco thrill of your life!Description: Dolphin Seafaris is based at Mt Maunganui, and specialises in dolphin swimming and watching adventure trips. We use a large high speed twin hull launch to whisk our guests out each morning for the eco thrill of their lives - actually swimming with the dolphins!

Our fully qualified guides swim with you and provide a full commentary on these and other marine mammals like whales and seals which we often see as well.

All gear is provided and trips usually last for 2 - 4 hours in the mornings.

Location: Berth D5 at Tauranga Harbour Bridge Marina, or our shop and booking office at 90 Maunganui Road, at the north end of the Mount shopping area.
Season: Any time, call us to check weather.

Contact person(s): Denny Barry
Address: 90 Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui.
Postal Address: P.O Box 5123, Mt Maunganui.
Phone: +64 7 575 4620 Tauranga area
Mobile Phone: 025 960 633
Freephone: 0800 326 8747
Fax: +64 7 575 7367

Comments: Visa & Mastercard accepted

Dolphins Down Under

Dolphins Down UnderDescription: Take the opportunity to view or swim with common dolphins and also visit (to view, we don't land) White Island, NZ's only active marine volcano.Dolphins Down Under offer you the choice of a 3-4 hour dolphins swim tour that will seek out some of the 10,000-15,000 common dolphins in the Whakatane bay area. We can not guarantee that we will find dolphins on every tour however we have a 95% success rate at finding the dolphins and a 99% success rate to swim.

Alternatively you can come on a 5-6hour tour that also visits White Island Volcano where we have a snorkel in the warm clear waters. Priority of the tour is still to find and swim with the dolphins. Lunch is provided.

Location: One hour east of Rotorua
Season: All year

Contact person(s): Karen
Address: On The Wharf, 2 The Strand, Whakatane
Phone: +64 7 308 4636
Freephone: 0800 flipper (or 0800 354 7737
Fax: +64 7 308 0359

Mainly Kayaking & Other Adventures

Mainly Kayaking & Other AdventuresDescription: 2-3 week long nationwide nature and activity tours in small groups (6 - 15 persons) throughout New Zealand. Tours run between November and April each year.

The tours are personal and friendly and often go to seldom visited regions in NZ.

Location: [map here] Tauranga
Season: November - April only

Nationwide nature and activity tours
Contact person(s): Andy Wurm.
Address: 36 Kaiate Falls Rd, RD 5, Welcome Bay, Tauranga, NZ
Phone: +64 7 544 8322
Mobile Phone: 025 2941 494
Fax: +64 7 544 8322

Comments: All tours include: breakfast, accommodation in hotels/motels in shared twin or double rooms, mini van or mid size bus transports. Most of the activities are included in our tour prices!

Whale Island Tours, Swim with Dolphins, Whakatane

Pilot Whales near Whale IslandDescription: Whale Island tours and Swim with Dolphins, Whakatane are a new venture with Diveworks Charters, a reputable charter boat operation.

A new bright yellow booking office at 86 The Strand (Only 50 Meters from Information centre and green Wharf) also offers all day parking within 100 meters.

Every summer 1000s of Dolphins and many Whales migrate into the waters surrounding Whale (Moutohora) and White Islands to feed on the abundant baitfish which gather there.

Watch or swim with dolphins and whales from our fully surveyed 10 meter vessel `Diveworks`. We are 100% locally owned and operated and keep our passenger numbers low, max 15 to ensure the best experience.

Whale (Moutohora) Island is 6 kms from Whakatane. Once privately owned it is now a wildlife sanctuary and a wonderful example of restoration with an abundance of endangered NZ wildlife.

Marine based eco tours or land based tours are options to view the Island.
Our booking office also includes educational facilities for Marine mammals and a Whale Island History museum and information centre, it includes an auditorium.

Location: 1 hour from Rotorua or Tauranga
Season: Dolphins and Whales Nov-April, Whale Island tours year round.

Swim with Dolphins
Contact person(s): Phil van Dusschoten
Address: 86 The Strand (The yellow one), Whakatane
Postal Address: 35G Douglas Street, Whakatane
Phone: 07 308 5896
Mobile Phone: 027 628 0849

Comments: Courtesy car available, bookings via phone or our booking office are essential, credit cards accepted.

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