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Posted by Rob Miller

I liked your site.

Posted by peter

I worked at Dilemma Farm in 1989-1990.Untill I had to fly.

Posted by steven weeks

this is what i have been looking for. everything is here, what a valuable site for anyone,

Posted by Jo

Very helpful info thanks

Posted by Hannu Salovaara

we are travelling to NZ for treee months and we are using True NZ as our homepage for seeking our places to stay

Posted by jrxzcy


Posted by Sharon

Just brilliant even a kiwi like myself can now click onto this site a plan where to go next without any fuss! awesum

Posted by Lisa Wallace

Truely cool site!

Posted by Jeffery

Very nice site!

Posted by Matty T

There is just so much information here, everything I want to know. Great timesaver. Thanks

Posted by Athanasios

Keep up this great resource

Posted by Michalis

hi.. just droppin’ by your site.. it’s really cute… nice work!

Posted by Spyridon

I found it very interesting.

Posted by Milos

WOW, so much stuff here, an excellent resource. Thanks guys!

Posted by Aris

Greetings Very good web site. I loved it. Found invaluable information. Just what I was looking for :-) Regards and best wishes

Posted by Valintino Guxxi

Hello, Your site is great

Posted by Maxx

Hello, very nice site! Please also visit my homepages.Thanks!

Posted by Tutti Christensen

I'm amazed to find so much information just in one site! Thrilled about this I've got a very good chance to find what I'm searching for!
Tutti Christensen, Stockholm, Sweden

Posted by Mark and Nicole

Brilliant resource. New Zealand looks fantastic

Posted by Scott McNaught

very informative site. Best horse riding information I could find anywhere. Thanks

Posted by Adam and Jesse

great site and information. Thanks

Posted by Belinda

Just wanted to let you know that your website is the best I've found while researching my trip to NZ. thanks!

Posted by Kate

Great site. You have created quite a resource. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Lucas Iguazu

In a word: PERFECTION. I couldn't have done it better

Posted by Allison Toups

I am so excited. My husband is returning from Baghdad this fall, and we will "detox" by going to New Zealand in December. I hope that we can afford to take your trips!!!

Posted by Dessie

Very helpful site most likely will be using it

Posted by Helen

The best website. The most simple to use, easy to navigate. There are so many sites which make it difficult out there. Thanks

Posted by Michael Bartiss

Great website! I wish I had found it earlier!
Most helpful. Thanks!

Posted by Aaron McKay

very nice site, thanks, it was the most useful of many sites.

Posted by Jackson

Absolutely damn brilliant. Best source of info I have found yet. Thanks!

Posted by Chris

Fantastic site. Well done.

Posted by Tim Devon

Great site, I have spent so long looking for information and now I have found the Truenz site and everything I need to know is right there. And its the nicest looking site I've seen in ages. Well done and keep up the great work guys!

Posted by Ron Sander

This site is absolutely awesome! I'm planning a 'get-away' and you guys have helped me find just the thing. Best site I've come across and I've been sitting here for 3 days!
NZ adventures, here I come!

Posted by Judith

great site! I just came back from a seven day ride with North Hokianga Treks and it was a wonderfull way of seeing nz and meeting real people from all walks of life

Posted by Jimmy Scholl

ace sites. we are looking so forward to new zealand vacation now. we were going to Australia and islands but now have changed our entire plans to see your amazing country. thanks

Posted by yvonne schürpf

loved my ride with Alpine Horse Safaris!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks you guy for having them on!!! I have seen more of your country, more than most of you NZ people would have ever seen! and all that on horseback!!

just awesome!

Posted by Josh Nickale

Wow! brilliant website. now I've booked almost all of my accommodation and some tours I am getting v. excited about my vacation to NZ. Look out New Zealand, here I come !!!

Posted by Irene & Herbert Soloway

I am enjoying planning my trip to New Zealand thanks to your wonderful web site

Posted by John Govney

Awesome Sites! Some of the best I've ever seen.

Posted by Petula Martyn

Thank you so much! This is the best internet site I have ever come across. In the space of an hour I have planned a weeks itinerary in NZ - activites, transport and accommodation. Ye are legends!!


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